Grief, Loss, and Bereavement

Grief Counseling in Houston, Texas

bereavementLoss brings uncertainty, even if the loss is anticipated or planned. People grieve over many things: death of a loved one, broken relationships, job loss, infertility, financial distress, loss of health and lost hopes.

Each story, style of mourning and the way grief is experienced are unique to that individual. Loss signals a time of re-evaluation. It creates a void and necessitates a reorganization of one’s life. Grief counseling can help you through this time of restructuring and transition.

Many people feel isolated and alone in their grief. In therapy you can speak without having to suppress and censor thoughts and feelings. As a clinician with years of experience in bereavement counseling, I can hold a space for clients while they experience and understand their grief reactions, providing a safe outlet for the overwhelming emotions that inevitably accompany loss. While navigating through these difficult emotions, therapy can help provide direction, comfort and transformation, eventually helping you find meaning in the experience of loss.

“Healing from grief is not the process of forgetting.
It is the process of remembering with less pain and more joy.”

– Author Unknown

Grief Counseling Facilitates:

  • Acknowledgement the loss and accepting it
  • Giving time for grief and it’s expression
  • Identification and expression of the feelings of anger, guilt,fear, anxiety, sorrow
  • The overcoming of obstacles that prevent you from letting go and re-adjusting to life
  • Exploration of defenses and coping mechanisms
  • Cultivation of self-compassion
  • Making meaning of one’s suffering

“She was no longer wresting with the grief, but could sit down with it
as a lasting companion and make it a sharer in her thoughts. “

– George Eliot

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