Online Video Therapy

During the COVID19 pandemic I am offering online teletherapy. This is similar to face to face sessions in the office, except we meet using your computer or tablet or phone, via a secure HIPPA compliant platform, Zoom.

At other times, I reserve a number of slots in my private practice for online therapy. This is a good option for individuals or couples who are not able to come to my office.

Are you looking for extra support or wanting to make some life changes, but hesitant to reach out for help? If you are feeling overwhelmed with stress; are going through a challenging situation or you’re just ready to move in a new direction, online video counseling can provide comfort and a safe source of support.

I offer the same quality of treatment and expertise to my online video clients as to those I see in-person. Video therapy is effective for individuals who are dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, trauma, parenting and family concerns, chronic illness, grief, career issues, feeling stuck or who are just needing additional support your life.

Most individuals find that they are able to present authentically from the comfort of their home as well as face to face. The most important thing is the integrity of the therapeutic relationship is not diluted because we are connecting through a screen.

Facts ad benefits of online therapy:

  • Online therapy is a good option for those who:
    • Need more flexibility in scheduling
    • Travel frequently or have challenging schedules
    • Want couples therapy for long-distance relationships
    • Have physical limitations
    • Therapists or doctors who want to see someone outside of their area.

Online Couples Therapy:

I also provide online couples therapy. Both individuals are able to participate, even if one person is out of town. As with other couples counseling, it is important to initially meet on a regular basis in order to heal unproductive patterns of communication and build new skills. Online counseling is helpful in coordinating and matching schedules.

Teen Therapy:

Online video therapy for teens is very effective. Often adolescents and young adults feel free to express themselves from their own space, especially since this is a familiar form of communication for them. Teens may also benefit from virtual art therapy and from “walk phone” therapy.


Privacy and confidentiality is important for sessions, especially when you are in the vicinity of others. Strategies for keeping your session private might be to:

  • Use a headset connected via Bluetooth to your phone or computer so the sound is in your ears only.
  • Use whitenoise to soundproof the space you are in. Whitenoise is available through app’s, amazon alexa or you can play soft music.
  • Go outside to patio, park or find a quiet space by sitting in your car.


All video sessions are held to extremely high levels of security. I use Zoom, an encrypted, secure, HIPPA compliant link that provides protection of your privacy.

Steps to prepare for your Online Therapy Appointment:

  • Download Chrome or Firefox browser onto your laptop, desktop or iPad. (Safari usually works, but some have problems with it).
  • Make sure the desktop/laptop/pad you are using has a built-in camera or webcam.
  • I will email you a link before your session time, just click the link and you are ready to go.

Setting up an Appointment:

If you want to schedule an appointment or find out more about my services, please call me at 713-522-9323 or email me using the form below. I will be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have. I look forward to hearing from you.

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